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There are many frustrating aspects of shopping. Shoppers have to endure gruesome hours of traffic, cramped parking lots, and overwhelmingly long lines at the entrances and checkouts of local stores, especially during the holiday season. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone else could do this for us?

They could buy the best products at low prices, so the rest of us could actually spend the holiday times with family, instead of at the mall. That’s exactly what Bagbuybuy.com can do for you. Bagbuybuy.com is based in California. We understand your concern and are sincerely at your service.

Authenticity is guaranteed on these products. All of our items are purchased in-person in each brand’s local store. We do our best to provide the original gift receipt to you. We do not work with third-party suppliers when buying products. Everything we buy is authentic and true to its brand.

The prices are discounted and low. Our platform was designed by us, and it is maintained by us. There are no high commission fees that other third-party platforms charge for. Our many employees work seven days a week to ensure that every email is read and gets responded to. All of these tools are in place to help customers save money, without sacrificing their satisfaction.

The items on Bagbuybuy.com are authentic, brand-new, and in stock. We do not sell second-hand or refurbished items. All of our photos are true to each product; stock photos are not used on our website. We own the copyrights to every photo listed on our site. We want you to know what you’re buying, and feel comfortable with what you see. Shopping on our site should feel just like shopping at our store. We use our own photos so you can still feel like you are browsing shelves at the store. The photos you see should match the items you receive.

We have an understanding refund policy. We want you to be happy and satisfied with your product, but we understand that you may wish to return it. We are happy to provide 14-day hassle-free return policy. Please contact us and we will be happy to arrange the return for a refund.