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9 Tips to Authenticate Gucci Bags: Real Gucci bags vs Fakes

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Gucci is one of the most counterfeit luxury designer brands in the world, and it’s no surprise why Gucci bags possess a refined and timeless contemporary beauty. To date, Gucci bags are among the most desired by all lovers of fashion and luxury because of so many iconic styles and designer cues on them. Girls of all ages wear their Gucci bags every day, on the street or in town, both on vacation and in the office.

Gucci is one of the most counterfeit luxury designer brands in the world, and it’s no surprise why Gucci bags possess a refined and timeless contemporary beauty. To date, Gucci bags are among the most desired by all lovers of fashion and luxury because of so many iconic styles and designer cues on them. Girls of all ages wear their Gucci bags every day, on the street or in town, both on vacation and in the office.

So here, we come up with 9 Tips to Authenticate Gucci bags:

1.  Material and Pattern Quality

  • Generally, Gucci bags are crafter from 3 materials: Canvas, leather, and nylon. So, try to take a close look at some of the items within the leather or fabric of the bag can help verify its authenticity.
  • Gucci GG Canvas: The pattern is made of durable woven canvas; it should have a slightly rough texture and be connected with a leather trim. If you do not have the product in your hand and therefore cannot feel it, take a good look at the shape of the G’s and the number / shape / size of the 2 diamonds between the GGs. The filling within the two Gs should be a little darker and have a slightly different texture.
  • Leather Bags: A patterned leather sometimes called Guccissima is also popular for Gucci bags. This is leather with the logo engraved on it. The quality and appearance of the leather, as well as the shape of the G and the square (as with the GG canvas) are things to pay attention to. When looking at the canvas, the left G should be regular and the right G the other way around. They should be very close, but not touching each other.
  • Gucci GG Nylon: Common with modern releases, these Gucci bags feature the same GG motif but made from a high-quality, durable nylon material. Because there is more flexibility and freedom with color, you will find GG nylon bags in a variety of different colors.
  • The classic GG monogrammed bags, in particular, have an expected consistency. The GG pattern should be evenly spaced across the bag, and the Gs should be oval (rather than rounded) and feature visible serifs. The left G should face forward, while the right G is reflected and then reversed.
  • Fakes often use cheap leather that will look, feel, and even smell unnatural because it is machine made and finished with poor quality chemicals.

2.  Examine Interior Tag

  • There is a rectangular leather tag affixed to the inside of every authentic Gucci bag. At front side, there are three lines of words that look like a heat stamp: the first line is a circled R trademark symbol, the second line contains the GUCCI brand name (capital letters), and the third line says, ‘made in Italy’ (only lowercase letters).
  • Authentic Gucci bags have their stitching lines horizontally on a tag, while fake Gucci GG bags have their stitches placed in parallel.
  • We are sharing some useful tips to find out fake bags which features; the copyright “R” symbol too thin and too big, thicker “GUCCI” text and thinner “made in Italy” text.
  • Look specifically at the “u”, which should be less bold on the right than on the left. Otherwise, it will be fake Gucci bag.

NOTE: For Gucci bags made in the 1990s, the labels will have a slightly rounded corner and the trademark symbol will also be missing. Another note about this decade of Gucci bags includes the MADE IN ITALY label. You will notice that it is in capital letters, as well as the word GUCCI.

3.  Check the Serial Number Tag

  • The serial number label can help you eliminate counterfeits by identifying the two rows. On newer Gucci bags, the serial number will be stacked on top of each other, and there will be no lettering either. If the bag’s serial number is alphanumeric, it must be a fake.
  • However, vintage Gucci bags may include serial numbers with additional characters and variations in format, including dashes, dots, and number lines that are not perfect.
  • Other factors include the number of digits. Look for a number that includes 10-13 digits. The first line of numbers indicates the style, the second is the supplier code.
  • The fake Gucci bag uses a different font for the numbers, while the authentic Gucci bags will always use the same font for their numbers on the back of the inner tag.

4.  Feel the Hardware

  • If you have a real Gucci bag, it will stand the test of time. Hardware, including zippers and engraving, will never peel, feel light, dent, or become covered in plastic. The hardware in any Gucci bag collection or style will always be heavy and will never be made of plastic or soft metal (If its happened then it truly be a fake Gucci bag).
  • In terms of engraving, you should see “GUCCI” engraved in exactly the same font as the leather engraving. Letters should be clean, even and not blurry, as is often seen with fakes.

5.  Inspect Logo Quality

  • The Gucci logo is an important element of the brand. No longer interlocking Gs, updated designer logo now includes overlapping Gs. The letters must be perfectly aligned, symmetrical, arranged horizontally and not separated by any sign or point. If this letter of the alphabet looks like the number “6”, it will be obvious that it is a fake “Gucci” bag.
  • Closely look at the metal “GG” logo on the front. Most of the time, the metallic front “GG” logo on the fake Gucci bag is less shiny than it should be and may also have too many scratches on the “GG” letters.

6.  Pay attention to stitching

  • Although it goes without saying, designer brands like Gucci do not compromise on quality and precision. For this reason, the seams on authentic Gucci bags will rarely be uneven. The thread must also be exactly the same color as the bag. For example, if the bag is primarily a light brown canvas, the color of the seams should also be the same shade of light brown.
  • If you see any unevenness in the seams, tears or gaps in the thread, or fraying, the bag is most likely a fake.
  • An authentic Gucci bag will have uniform stitching along the sides and bottom of the bag. A real Gucci will not gather the seams or have threads hanging from the bag.

7.  Ask for Papers and Dust Bags

  • Controllato and Information Card: The control card comes with every new Gucci bag, evidence that the bag was inspected after completion. (Controllato means “checked”). While every new genuine Gucci bag will have one, its existence does not authenticate the item.
  • Counterfeiters who can copy a leather bag can also duplicate a simple paper label. And it is simple; Real control cards have the Gucci logo in the center, underneath the word “controllato” in lowercase letters and underneath are the numbers 1234567890. On the other hand, a fake could also have this.
  • Information cards are also included in authentic Gucci packaging. If it is a fake Gucci, the card will usually have errors in the font, logo or details that indicate that the bag is not authentic.
  • QR codes are a more recent addition to Gucci bags in the fight against counterfeiters, estimated to have started in 2016/2017. By offering a type of barcode that contains relevant information, these codes can be scanned on your smartphone (methods vary depending on the types of smartphones used) to ensure the authenticity of the bag. Like Gucci serial numbers, these QR codes are not unique to each other. They can be found on a small black fabric bow inside your Gucci bag. The code will be printed clearly in white font and a 10-digit code. There is no stitching on the fabric.
  • Gucci Dust Bag: Real Gucci products are sold with two types of dust bags. The dust bag will have the double G logo, or the name “Gucci” written in gold letters on the front of the bag. If the bag is wrapped in plastic, it is not authentic.

8.  Look for glue lines

Do you see noticeable glue lines along the seams or along the edges of the branding details when you examine the bag? So, you’ve seen a fake bag. The craftsmen who create these wonderful bags are experts, an authentic Gucci handbag will be impeccable in quality and will have none of these neglected exceptions.

9.  Request high-quality photos

If you do not have your bag in hand and you are shopping for your Gucci bag online, but not at a major department store or Gucci site, be sure to order and get plenty of high-quality photos. Some of these photos need to be close-ups so you can see the details. Bag experts can authenticate bags from photos and just some data; If the photos are good enough and you know what to look for, you can too.


Gucci bags are expensive. Be confident in your purchase. Knowing the details about a Gucci handbag and what to look for closely when buying one can help you make a purchase that you can feel confident in. Whether you are looking for a second-hand style or a new one in the store or online, you can be set for an authentic handbag.

Now that you know some of the most important ways to identify a fake Gucci bag from a real one, make sure that before you buy your bag online or in the store, carefully look for all signs that indicate whether the bag is authentic. Now you can confidently get the bag of your dreams!

If you need help authenticating your Gucci bags, we have got you covered.

All you have to do is send us good quality photos of your Gucci bags and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours. The results will also come with a report on why we believe your bag is fake or authentic.

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