9 Tips to Authenticate Gucci Bags: Real Gucci bags vs Fakes

Gucci is one of the most counterfeit luxury designer brands in the world, and it’s no surprise why Gucci bags possess a refined and timeless contemporary beauty. To date, Gucci bags are among the most desired by all lovers of fashion and luxury because of so many iconic styles and designer cues on them. Girls […]

A Quick Guide To Gucci Slides Sizing and Fitting

Most Gucci products are very high quality and that quality is worth a lot (some Gucci shoes last for decades of regular use), however what you need to be more careful with is the construction of the shoe, specifically how the upper part of the shoe is connected to the sole. Gucci slides are trending […]

A Comprehensive Gucci Soho Disco Bag Review

The Gucci Soho Disco bag is one of my favorite cross body bags and I personally believe it has the potential to eventually achieve iconic bag status. The Gucci Soho Disco bag is perfect for almost anyone’s aesthetic. It came out around 2014 without a great deal of glory and didn’t gather a ton of […]

25 Tips For Gucci Shoe Fitting, Foot Size Measurement, And Shoe Size Chart

Gucci shoes are a huge trend right now. It is basically the hottest thing you can walk on! Then you need at least one pair in your wardrobe! Nowadays, an ever-increasing number of individuals decide to purchase Gucci online because of the lower cost, availability, and more choices accessible. Numerous individuals want to take a […]

20 Ways to Spot a Fake Gucci Belt

Gucci is well known for eclectic and contemporary luxury products, such as clothing, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, and other accessories for men, women, and children. More and more people choose to buy Gucci online due to the lower price, convenience, and more options available. But nothing is more disappointing than getting a fake Gucci at a […]

12 Reasons Why Gucci Is So Expensive

Gucci Store

Gucci was a small company in Florence, Italy. It was established in 1921. Guccio Gucci had worked at the Savoy Hotel in London as he wants to bring some nobility to his leather-goods company and luggage. He wants to designs goods that appealed to British taste. Besides, Gucci brought in the best designers in the […]