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20 Ways to Spot a Fake Gucci Belt

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Gucci is well known for eclectic and contemporary luxury products, such as clothing, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, and other accessories for men, women, and children. More and more people choose to buy Gucci online due to the lower price, convenience, and more options available. But nothing is more disappointing than getting a fake Gucci at a regular price.

Some organizations can help you identify the product’s authenticity, but this will cost you time and money. It is more convenient to get your money back if you can spot a fake Gucci yourself. For example, if you get a fake Gucci from eBay, you can return the product or ask eBay for your money back. In this article, we will offer you some tips to spot a fake Gucci belt. This is especially important for users who buy Gucci belts online because they are different from Gucci bags and wallets. In other words, Gucci belts are relatively cheap, and any third-party certification is not cost-effective for money and time. Because there are all kinds of fake Gucci out there, we start with the most basic, objective, and essential tips, and then move on to some advanced tips, which are more subjective and need more experience. By reading this article, you will master the skills to judge Gucci belts’ authenticity in no time.


1. Check store credibility

Buying online is very convenient, but sometimes it is difficult to know if the website you are visiting is legitimate. It is natural to wonder if you will be safe when buying from a website for the first time. Whois is a great tool for looking up historical information for any website: IP address, name server, registrar, and screenshot history.

When shopping on a secure website, you will always see the following in the address bar:

For example, you can see our URL “https://bagbuybuy.com


Bagbuybuy website URL

The lock icon means that the site uses encrypted communications to protect any information you send it. The “s” in “https” also means that communications between the website and your computer or mobile device are secure and encrypted. You should only shop on sites with “https” on their checkout page. Lastly, logos of payment companies are simple additions that can really boost consumer confidence in websites. These logos will give you an extra boost of confidence and knowing you are scrutinized by financial institutions.

2. Check store inventory and sales records

The Gucci store generally sells seasonal products. Like the Gucci outlet, each Gucci store has a minimal inventory. Gucci only cooperates with third parties of some big brands, such as Neiman Marcus, and the quantity and varieties that Gucci offers them are also minimal. Additionally, both Gucci and third-party stores have stringent purchase restriction policies. If you find a seller selling a Gucci product and the seller has a high inventory of this product in stock or has a high sales record on this product, you should consider this as a warning. The product may be a counterfeit or discarded product from the manufacturer’s inventory.

3.  Check the Receipt/Proof of Purchase

Some buyers will provide you with the original receipt they got from anywhere other than Gucci’s store or retailer, which will significantly increase the product’s authenticity. But some sellers also provided fake receipts. The genuine receipt must have the Gucci name at the top, verifiable Gucci store or store address (including contact information), and the description/price of the belt involved. As shown below.


Gucci Receipt

4.  Check the gift receipt

Since the original purchase receipt will show a lot of personal information, the gift receipt is more common than the original receipt. Next is the gift receipt at the Gucci store.

It’s worth noting that Gucci and many vendors offer thermal receipts that are sensitive to light, heat, friction, abrasives, and plastics, and can quickly fade or darken. It is normal. If you’re not an expert, you can try restoring it the old-fashioned way: by gently applying heat, such as a hairdryer or a light bulb, to the thermal paper until the text is visible.


Gucci Gift Receipt

5. Look for the identifying Gucci stamp

The back of all authentic Gucci belts will be marked with a “GUCCI Made in Italy” stamp followed by a reference number. Newer versions of the belt and non-leather styles have the logo stamp near the buckle. Pay close attention to the font used in the stamp, as the brand characteristically uses the “sans serif” font.

Fake counterparts may lose the stamp or have strange or incorrect kerning in the text.

6. Gucci belt serial number check

In the past, counterfeiters would take a set of numbers and put it on all their fake Gucci products. Today, they copy the exact serial numbers of specific models to place on their counterfeit products. Don’t worry, the serial code is still a great way to distinguish counterfeits from real ones.

Although the numbers themselves are easy to be forged, fake belts still leave clues on the numbers. Fake serial codes are usually more stretched out and further from the belt loop. The real ones are usually smaller and are placed closer to the loop.

Gucci places all serial numbers and codes inside the body of the belt. In the brand tag, the first line indicates the style number of the belt, the second represents the art number. The third line conveys the size of the belt, centimeters, and inches, respectively. The fourth line of numbers shows the supplier code. You can find the example in the serial number of Gucci Womens Belt Leather 105cm Black 370543 CWC1G 1000.


Gucci Belt Serial Number

You will find the sequential codes stamped horizontally in the center on more established Gucci belts, as shown in the picture above. The belt size must be included in the serial number and must not be printed elsewhere on the belt; some fake belts usually have the size printed on the tail leather without a buckle.

It is worth noting that the serial number is only an auxiliary measure to identify the authenticity of the Gucci belt. Many articles suggest checking the serial number on the Gucci official website. If your belt is not currently listed on the Gucci website, you will get the following response from Gucci customer service:

“Gucci.com does not authenticate product by serial number nor is there a database or training made available to us. Please note, there is no department or store which can fulfill this inquiry. To validate authenticity, Gucci advises to rely on original proof of purchase from a Gucci boutique or authorized retailer.”

7. Check the Smell of the Belt

In Gucci Fake Belt, you can smell the unpleasant and noticeable odor that just because of the scammers sprayed smell like real leather. It might have happened because they have not been made belts correctly or have been treated poorly after manufacture. Of Course, the Real Gucci Belt does not have any unpleasant odor.

8. Check the Holes


Gucci Belt; Source: gucci.com

One wonderful thing about Gucci’s craftsmanship is their regard for leather. They will not drill holes in quality leather unless necessary. The Authentic Gucci belt must have 5 holes. See the picture above.

The tips above can help you quickly identify a poor-quality fake Gucci belt. These tips are judged from an objective perspective and do not require much experience. But there are some fakes, and the artistry is exquisite. This requires us to master the following tips.


9. Check the “GUCCI” text

Some fake Gucci belts have their text engraved differently. It has an alternative quality, which implies that the content “GUCCI” is sewed is of ordinary quality on the fake versus genuine Gucci belt. The “made in Italy” text is so little and less characterized on some Gucci belt imitations, as it isn’t even noticeable.

The “®” character is too small on the fake vs real Gucci belt, and at the same time, the “R” inside the circle is too large as it hits the edges of the loop on the center.

Check inside the text “GUCCI.” Some fakes have too much space between the letters. Inspect the relief on the serial number and the text found there. Counterfeits have more inferior sewing quality.

10. Fake vs real GG buckle in a Gucci belt


Gucci Belt GG Buckle

When authenticating fake vs. real Gucci belts, keep in mind that different materials are used when making even the best batches of fake Gucci belts available on the market.

As for the shape, we can point out some main indicators that will help you distinguish a fake Gucci belt from a real one.

The first thing to look for is the quality of the buckle. The way GG buckles are created is different, the fake GG buckle is visibly thicker, narrower, and less space.

Next, check how the belt buckles are welded to the belt. Authentic Gucci belt buckles are generally welded onto the largest part, while fake Gucci belts usually have clip buckles.

You can see a fake Gucci Marmont belt by looking closely at the buckle. Fakes will often appear too bright or orange and can look polished or lacquered. But the real Gucci belt has semi-opaque and looks a bit aged/tarnished. It does not consist of super perfect gold. And of course, Real Gucci Belt buckles are heavy and thick as compared to fake ones.

11. Real vs fake Gucci Belt buckle pin and screws

You may quickly notice the pin on the Gucci belt GG buckle. You can differentiate between real and fake pin by checking the thickness of the pin that is attached inside the buckle GG. The fake ones are too large as real has much smaller.

Most models have screws on the back of the belt buckle. Inspect the back of the belt buckle for any noticeable screws. If you buy a gold Gucci belt, then also inspect the color of that screw. The color of the screw should also be gold, not silver. When it comes to belt loops, be careful with screws. Gucci belts usually have the loops that are sewn on, which involves a lot more work and a trained hand. Most fake belts use screws to attach the loop to the body of the belt.

12. Real vs fake Gucci Belt dust bags

All authentic Gucci belts must come in a dust bag. The bag must be brown or dark in color and have the “GUCCI” mark in yellow gold letters in the center of the bag. There should be a drawstring, with just one string, in the upper right corner of the dust bag.

All authentic newer Gucci belts must come in an off-white dust bag. The bag inside should have a Gucci Made in Italy tag stitched on the corners. You can put your finger under the label from all sides. The fabric must be made of silk. Usually the fake dust bag is completely sewn on the sides, so you cannot slide your fingers underneath of the label.

Gucci’s authentic belt bag looks clean, with no extra threads or seams. False has extra threads hanging on the black pair.

13. Verify the box of the Gucci belt

One of the things you should know about Gucci is that they use an off-white shade for their boxes. If your box looks a little too white, you’ve probably bought a fake.

The fake Gucci Box text looks too scratched and worn. If your belt box comes with flat letters, it is fake.

The logo on real Gucci boxes is very fine and precise But fake boxes have faded logos at the corner.

14. Scrutinize the textures

Fake belts are similar to real belts and also use heat stamps to indicate the leather. From the overall point of view, the genuine Gucci belts are more detailed with leather markings.

We also want to clarify here that sometimes Gucci also produces unbranded belts. So, we will highly recommend you to always compare the belt brands of the model you want to buy with images from the official Gucci website.

Also, Gucci belts are made from a continuous piece of leather or fabric. Be careful if you find tears or stitches in the middle.

15. Check the Stitching of the Belt


Gucci Belt Stitching

Undoubtedly, the genuine Gucci Belt stitching is impeccable and flawless. The real belts have shorter, more uniform, and perfectly straight stitches. And the thread used in real belts is usually not as much thicker as in fake belts. 

While the fake belts have more inferior sewing quality. The Counterfeits have longer, not uniform, and not tight stitches.

16. Check the Leather

Compare Gucci Belt coloring or GG pattern with authentic image on official Gucci website.

Be careful if you find tears or stitches in the middle of Gucci belts because real belts have been made through continuous pieces of leather. Real Gucci belt leather is of higher quality as well as has more matte appearance than the fake belt leather. Gucci is well-known for its top-class quality of leather and craftsmanship.

The stitching should include the “Double G” logo printed all over the belt. Check the fake belt’s blunt end, which is the easiest way to tell if the belt is real or not. The actual belt is more rounded, and the leather part does not cover the logo’s back.

17. Beware of fraying

The Gucci brand recognized internationally for its wonderful craftsmanship. So it’s obvious, there should be no fraying on the real belt. But if you saw any wear and tear on the belt then you have got a fake one.

For All

18. Beware of low prices

We know how exciting it is to see a Gucci belt for just a fraction of the cost. Before you convince yourself that the seller has reason to sell $800 for just $ 80, take our advice seriously.

Stay away from Gucci belts that are ridiculously cheap. Also, be careful with high inventory products.

19. Do your research and be vigilant

Always do complete research before purchasing any product. Take a look at the website for customer feedback on the products. Also, if you are unsure, look for the website name and the words “scam” or “fake.” You will quickly find out if others have had bad experiences and you should stay away.

There are also some simple things you can do when you come to a website to verify that it is a scam. The first is how professional the site looks. Is it well distributed? Are the images high resolution? Is the language free of grammatical and spelling errors? It’s up to you, but if you compare the site you come across to one that you already trust, you should be able to see if there is a difference.

And lastly, if you have any doubt then just visit the Gucci official website for HD photos of every belt. So, you can easily examine every aspect of Gucci Belts.

20. Trust your instinct

There are various types and forms of counterfeit products. Due to the temptation to profit, counterfeit products’ quality and similarity also increase year after year. Sometimes, even for professionals, it is difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake products. If you cannot distinguish, you must trust your intuition. You illusory always try to tell you something, just trust it. And you will never regret going with your intuition that is innate in your body and mind.


In short, the quality of the real belt far exceeds that of the fake belt. If you want to get a real Gucci belt and do not want to pay the extra price, then you can visit our website bagbuybuy.com. We all have a huge and real Gucci belts collection for all of you.

Above, we tried to combine all useful tips and tricks to recognize fake Gucci belts. We hope you enjoyed reading this informative and exciting article. We wait for your comments.

Also, if you have any queries, please write it in the comment section below. For more such articles, please keep viewing our bagbuybuy.com website.

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